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Michael Purkey
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Concrete Sealing and Densifying
Tuff Overlay Products, LLC is a BBB Accredited Concrete Contractor in Saratoga Springs, UT
The densifier we use is Pentra-Sil 244+. This is a lithium based product that not only protects the surface but
also gets down into the pores, protecting your concrete. This will protect it from freeze / thaw method and salt. It
is also a lifetime sealer, so 1 application is all that is needed for the life of your concrete.
I am licensed and fully insured.
Sealing your concrete prevents the affects the winter has on your concrete due to salt and the "freeze / thaw". If you
looked at your concrete under a microscope, your would see how porous it is. Water gets down into the pores, and
freezes, therefore popping the surface of your concrete. Applying a sealer not only prevents water from getting down into
the pores, but it protects it from the damage salt can do, prolonging the life of your concrete
Acrylic Sealers:
Acrylic sealers are a great surface protectant. You can have a glossy shine or matte finish. This sealer only lasts
1-2 years due to UV breakdown, so it will need to be re-applied every other year.
Tinted Sealers:
We have Sealers with tint. Many colors to choose from.
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