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Concrete Stains, Epoxies & Polyureas
One way to give your concrete a new look is by giving it a little color! We use a few different methods, depending on your style and need.
Michael Purkey
Licensed Contractor
Certified installer
Concrete Stains:
Concrete stains add beauty to your concrete without spending a lot of money. Lots of colors and styles to choose,
from solid colors to swirled effects of color.
Applying an epoxy to your garage floor will not only dress up the look of your concrete, it makes it easier to clean. Just
a simple spray with the hose makes clean-up simple. Choose from solid colors with or without chips, swirled colored
effect or even a Metallic Epoxy. Epoxies can only be applied in garages or indoors. Due to UV breakdown, it cannot be
applied outdoors.
This concrete restoration system is not only durable, but is actually 20X stronger and 98% more flexible than epoxy.
Given the flexibility, this product will allow concrete to move without cracking or peeling. It is resistant to salt, oil, gas
and other various types of chemicals. This can be applied indoors or outdoors. It has many different colors and effects
to choose from.
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I am licensed and fully insured.
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