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Xypex. It is not necessary to dig along your foundation to waterproof the soil that sits against your foundation! Waterproofing
can also be done to garages or porches that are suspended slabs with rooms underneath. Here are some scenarios that
might sound like your situation:

- You notice you have water coming through your foundation.

- You have a leak in your basement and want to get it fixed before you start to finish your basement?

- Your basement is already finished, but you notice that one area your carpet is wet all the time, or just during a rain   

- You have a finished basement, and have put a lot of money into a "built-in" wall entertainment system. You notice a leak
that has come from that wall. It would be costly to tear it out to fix the leak.

-You have a garage that is a suspended slab, that has a room underneath it. You notice that the room underneath has a
leak in the ceiling.

- You have a porch that is a suspended slab, with a food storage room underneath. You notice that the ceiling in that room
is leaking water.


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