CNC Technology in Salt Lake and Utah Counties

Your design, engineered by us, and precision cut with CNC Technology.

Make your mark with CNC concrete Carving and engraving with Tuff Overlay Products, LLC. We serve commercial and residential clients across the Salt Lake and Utah Counties. This service is great for engraving Business logos, family names, or your own unique design into the concrete on your patio, sidewalk or entryway.

Armed with CNC technology, we can engrave a precision design into concrete, stone, pavers, wood and more.  CNC  “Computer Numerical Control” is essentially a printer for hard surfaces that’s built for smooth operation on tough surfaces. Just give us a design and we can add it to surfaces on your property. Our CNC machine is mobile, so we can come to you on site. We can tile out designs if you want a repeating pattern or add a large dignified stamp to the concrete, or other hard surface, on your property.


Whether you’ve just bought your home or have lived in it for decades, CNC concrete engraving is a way to personalize your home for the world to see. Our residential customers often request engraving for front porches, decorative stones, patios or tiles in gardens. Though you can choose any design you want, some of our most popular designs include:

  • Family name
  • Family crest
  • Address
  • Kids or pets’ names
  • Welcome sign


Concrete etching and designs add an element of sophistication to your commercial property. Designs like these encourage foot traffic and show customers that you’re here to stay. Some of our most popular designs for commercial clients include:

  • Business logo
  • Business name and address
  • Sponsors names
  • Neighborhood markers

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