Concrete Sealing in Salt Lake and Utah Counties

Sealing your concrete prevents the effects of winter on your concrete that result from salt and the freeze/thaw cycle. If you looked at your concrete under a microscope, you would see that it is a porous material. Water gets down into the pores and freezes, therefore popping the surface of your concrete as the ice expands.

Applying a sealer not only prevents water from getting down into the pores, but it also creates a protective barrier. This defends the concrete from the damage salt can do, prolonging its overall lifespan. Discoloration can also happen to concrete that is not sealed when oil, salt or certain cleaning chemicals are spilled on it.

Acrylic Sealers and Colored Sealers

Acrylic sealers are a great surface protectant. These sealers are transparent though you can choose between a glossy or matte finish. Acrylic sealer only lasts one to two years due to UV breakdown, so it will need to be re-applied every other year. Some of our Acrylic Sealers are also tinted, a really nice option if you wanted to add some color to your concrete!


The Densifier we use is Pentra-Sil 244+. This is a lithium-based product that not only protects the surface but also gets down into the pores, protecting your concrete from the inside. This will also ensure that it isn’t damaged by our Utah weathers “freeze/thaw” cycle in addition to wintertime salting. This only needs one application, no need to reapply every other year like acrylic sealers.

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