Concrete Waterproofing in Salt Lake and Utah Counties

Leaks are pesky enough, but how do you treat one coming from your home’s foundation? If you notice water leaking into your basement or foundation, you may need professional concrete waterproofing. When left long enough, a leak can seriously damage the items inside your house or create perfect conditions for mold to grow.

Fortunately, you don’t have to dig along your foundation to waterproof the soil near it. Concrete waterproofing also works for garages and porches that are suspended slabs with rooms below. Tuff Overlay Products, LLC uses advanced technology that is effective, durable and eco-friendly.

Our Weapons against Leaks

We use a few products together, one to waterproof walls, another to inject into cracks. These products have a crystalline structure to protect, waterproof and enhance your concrete. Concrete is porous, so liquids and other materials pass through it easily and cause leaks. The product grows these crystals in the pores, making it solid, to block water from the other side without invasive digging.

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Get rid of the leak today. Whether it’s in your basement, garage or another part of your house, leaks can cause serious damage down the road. If neglected, a leak can erode the concrete or create the perfect environment for mold to grow. Call Tuff Overlay Products, LLC today to get a consultation and learn more about our waterproofing systems. We serve homes and businesses in Salt Lake and Utah Counties with quality concrete waterproofing and concrete restoration services.

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