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Are you curious about concrete overlays? Call Tuff Overlay Products, LLC. today to learn more. Whether you know exactly what you want to do or need a second opinion, we’re happy to help. Our team will give you honest feedback on the price, schedule and look of your newest project. Tuff Overlay Products, LLC. provides the following services in your area.

  • Decorative and Broom finish Overlays
  • CNC Concrete etching
  • Concrete Sealing and Densifying
  • Concrete Coloring
  • Epoxies and Polyureas
  • Concrete waterproofing
  • All Concrete Repairs
  • More

See our gallery to learn more about our work. We work with residential and commercial customers across your area. Spice up your old garage floor or add an overlay on your Patio for a refreshing change. Concrete Overlays are durable and are ready to use shortly after we finish the job. Call us today at 801-735-8003 or email with our request form.