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Are you unsure about how to improve the concrete inside or outside of your home? Check out our gallery for ideas on Concrete Overlays, CNC carving, Stains, broom finishes, Sealing and overall concrete repairs. Our team of contractors is experienced in Concrete Restoration and Decorative finishes.

Decorative Overlays

Decorative Overlays are our specialty for commercial and residential customers alike. With this technology, you can add color, texture or patterns to any concrete surface in or outside of your home. Our gallery includes Overlays on driveways, entryways, patios, interior flooring, paths, trim for sidewalks, pools and hot tubs.

Vertical Overlays

Vertical Overlays is a special lightweight mix for walls, designed to go right over concrete or drywall. We provide you with a range of options from color, texture and style for any wall in your home. Vertical overlays are great for exterior walls, retaining walls, Foundations, fireplaces, showers.

Deck Overlays

Make your deck the center of your home for parties, relaxing and more. Deck overlays  are designed to go over concrete or wood, with waterproofing as part of the process. Works for balconies, patios and decks and come in a variety of stamps, textures, and colors. This product is designed to stamp and carve to look like rock, flagstone, tile or other textures to compliment your home and outdoor area.

CNC Carving Technology

CNC is great for homes and businesses alike. We use a professional and portable CNC machine that uses Computer Precision Technology to carve out designs clearly and exactly. Carve your company logo, address or image into the concrete entrance to your business or a family crest and names in front of your home.

Broom Finish Overlays & Repairs

Crumbling stairs and sidewalks can be a real safety hazard to your family and home. Tuff Overlay Products, LLC offers overlays and repairs for old concrete as an inexpensive, non-evasive option. Our gallery of before and after photos show work applied to steps, driveways and sidewalks.

Concrete Stains, Epoxies & Polyureas

Our gallery has images of finished concrete stain, epoxy and polyureas. These overlays allow you to apply solid colors, tiled or marbled effects throughout your home. While Epoxies need to be done indoors or in a garage, Polyureas and Concrete Coloring can be done on any concrete inside or outside of your home.

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