Decorative Concrete Overlays in Salt Lake & Utah Counties

Decorative Overlays

There aren’t many concrete surfaces that can’t be improved with an Overlay. Overlays come in a variety stamps, textures, colors and Finishes to transform your concrete. Decorative Overlays simulate Flagstone, tile or stone. We can also just give it a Broom finish to look like newly poured concrete. Tuff Overlay Products, LLC. is one of the largest Overlay carriers in the area, has over thirty years in the concrete business, and Certified Installers for the products we use. Decorative Overlays are great for:

*Interior Flooring

Vertical Overlays – Walls

One of the biggest advantages of concrete overlays is the ability to cling to vertical surfaces. Refinish vertical surfaces like exposed home foundations, retaining walls or fireplaces, giving them a decorative look like rock or stone.  Flex-c-ment’s vertical wall mix is a cementicious dry mix that is lightweight and insulated, specially designed for vertical application. With endless styles to choose from, you can refinish any of the following surfaces and more.

  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Indoor/Outdoor Shower walls
  • Interior or exterior walls

Deck Overlays & Resurfacing

Does your wood deck need to be spruced up? Look at our selection of Flex-c-ment Overlays for your next home investment. A refinished deck is safer to use and boosts the value of your home. Not only do cement overlays last, we carry a range of custom finishes and stamped designs. Add beauty to your outdoor space with a new Overlay for your home. We also offer a waterproofing option.

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Tuff Overlay Products, LLC serves the Salt Lake and Utah Counties with quality Concrete Products and Services, including Decorative Overlays, Vertical and Deck Overlays. We also provide CNC Technology, concrete repairs, stains, sealing and waterproofing. Contact us today for more information by calling or filling out our online form. See how beautiful your home can really be with new Decorative Overlays!

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